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Education Resources
Education Resources
Our catalog has more than 30,000 resources to help you understand how to operate, integrate, and take advantage of the Ohio Data Analtyics platform.

The State has assembled a wealth of collateral to assist State business and technology professionals with the ideation, formation, execution, and closeout of projects. The program includes:

  • Self-directed online learning for both business and IT professionals
  • Custom training curriculum focused around conceiving, preparing for, and executing analytics work
  • Technical, security, and privacy assistance in sourcing, loading, and securing data
  • Sourcing qualified vendors to assist with expert data science skills

Ohio Data Analytics Training Curriculum

Ohio Data Analytics provides an instructor-led, tailored training curriculum as well as a wealth of web-based training to State employees at no additional cost to agencies.

Ohio Data Analytics Roles

All selected training resources are aligned to one or more of the following Ohio Data Analytics roles:


Develops data solutions within the Ohio Data Analytics platform that typically involve data ingestion, data integration, data transformation, data science and/or machine learning.

Data Analyst

Analyzes data within the Ohio Data Analytics platform using SQL tools and self-service data analytics tools, such as data visualization tools.

Data Owner

Owner of data sets within the Ohio Data Analytics platform and is responsible for on-boarding data, provisioning access to data, governing data, and auditing data.


Idea generator and sponsor of data analytics solutions on the Ohio Data Analytics platform.