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Different types of analytic efforts require different processes.


Data Sharing Protocol

Using advanced analytical approaches and modern technologies, the state can tackle complex societal and policy problems that leverage the wealth of data with solutions that improve Ohioans' health, security and well-being. As required by Ohio Revised Code Sec. 125.32, Ohio Data Analytics has developed the data sharing protocol for the enterprise data management and data analytics program. 

Download the complete Data-Sharing Protocol on the right side of the page under "Attachment." 

This operating protocol constitutes agreement by the Directors of the participating state agencies and provides guidance regarding the following:

  • How participating agencies may use confidential data in accordance with confidentiality laws applicable to the provided data;
  • Who has authority to access data gathered under the program;
  • How participating agencies shall make, verify, and retain corrections to personal information gathered under the program; and
  • Data sharing responsibilities of participating agencies and the Department of Administrative Services (DAS)