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State of Ohio Analytics Day!
State of Ohio Analytics Day!
Analytics Day is an opportunity to connect and share with peers and industry experts around data analytics.

The State will be hosting its second Analytics Day September 25, 2018  from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm at the Riffe Center and is open to state of Ohio staff.Analytics Day will include discussions of innovative projects and experiences that are applicable to agencies from data analytics experts, highlights of current analytics initiatives, and tailored break-out sessions.

The goal is to foster a general awareness of data analytics, its importance to the State, and instilling a foundation of understanding that may serve as the inspiration for a data analytics collaboration or project. The sessions will be appropriate for program leaders, IT Leaders, analysts, and technologists alike.

Topics will include:

  • Innovative, novel, and unique applications of data analytics methods and/or technologies
  • Agency read-outs: Actionable insights from State of Ohio agencies
  • Technical and business-oriented break-out sessions from the Ohio Data Analytics team

Agency staff should feel free to join specific sessions if you are unable to attend the entire program, or if only specific sessions would benefit you. This optional event is open to state of Ohio employees and we invite you to forward the calendar invitation on to your colleagues.