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The Ohio Data Analytics technology is a flexible, high-performance, state-secured platform.

Ohio Data Analytics empowers agencies across the state of Ohio.

In order to excel, data and analytics demands deep expertise and skills in three required areas: domain expertise, technical skills, and quantitative skills. Ohio Data Analytics supports agencies to deliver it all: technical skills to write code and integrate data, quantitative skills for data science, and domain expertise for someone who understands the business process.

Ohio Data Analytics uses modern technology and approaches to enable agencies and address limitations:

Agency Needs
Need to take on more reports, use cases, users, etc. to better support business and policy staff 
Seek to leverage modern exploration and visualization tools without impacting operations critical SLAs
Seek to combine data silos to address additional workloads and unlock insights into agency data
More optimally use computing, storage, processing, and people resources in a high-performance platform
Managing costs for existing workloads without adding cost for analysis
Aligning budget and maintenance for expansion
Being able to do more with less
Access to an ultra high-performance platform on which to conduct iterative, self-service analytics
Built-in elasticity and object store integration